Smart Power Converter Modules

We produce actionable insights to reduce unplanned downtime
and annual revenue loss


GM Technologies is a Montreal-based Company specialized in operational efficiency, risk mitigation and prescriptive analytics.

Our solution provides wind turbine technician and asset owners the opportunity to:
  • Reduce downtime related to power converter failures
  • Deliver a step-by-step resolution to any power converter electrical failures
  • Extend lifespan of power converter modules

Although GM Technologies has developed tremendous expertise in the Senvion MM92 and Siemens SWT-2.3 Wind Turbines, we are continuously expanding our partnerships and clients to other wind turbine models.


Our process

Step 1 - Data Collection

We collect wind turbine and power converter data for root cause failure analysis

Step 2 - Data Analysis

We utilize AI and mathematical model to predict power converter module.

Step 3 - Protective Device

We build electrical protective device to extend equipment lifespan

Main Features


Predictive Analytics

Sending email notifications to near-end power converter module


Reliability & Performance Assessment

Comparing component operation to engineering design


Root Cause Failure Analysis

Delivering a step by step resolution as well as the estimated time to resume production


Custom Protective Device

Reducing electrical stresses and extend the power converter lifespan


Seamless Integration

Easily integrates to your data infrastructure




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